How To Write a Wedding Invitation




How To Write a Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations need to be beautiful and classy, but they don't need to cost you a fortune. If you're thinking of making your own wedding invitations, you can create something just as good as a professional could do. Spend some time creating the perfect look for the card, and then follow these suggestions on what you could write on your wedding invitations.

Step 1  Start with who the invitation is coming from.
 第1步  开头写上是谁从哪里发出的邀请

At the top of your wedding invitation, there needs to be a line or two stating who the invitation is coming from. This is usually the parents of the bride and groom, but it can also be the caregivers, or pseudo-parents of either the bride or the groom. Basically, it hints at who helped to support the bride and groom with throwing the wedding. A typical invitation starts out like this:

"Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones, “保罗琼斯先生和夫人,

Together with 连同

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith" 弗兰克史密斯先生和夫人。”

Allow a separate line for each set of parents. If you are paying for the wedding yourself, then you can include the line "Together with their parents, [bride] and [groom]" rather than listing your parents' names.

Step 2  Request that your guests attend.
 第2步  邀请宾客的出席

The next section of your wedding invitation should invite your quests to attend the ceremony. Generally, this is written as:

"...request the honor of your presence / pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children..."
“... ...诚邀您( 贵公司)光临婚礼庆典 将是他们的子女婚姻的祝福... ...”

or 或

"would be delighted if you would attend the marriage of their children..."
“如果您参加他们的子女的婚礼庆典,将会感到非常荣幸... ...”

This line should come directly after the first section in which the people throwing the wedding are named.

If the invitation is coming from the couple and not the parents, then it might read:

"... invite you to join us as we exchange our marriage vows..."
“... ...诚邀您参加我们的婚礼,共同见证我们交换结婚誓言...”

or 或

"...request the pleasure of your company at our wedding..."
“... ...诚邀贵公司来参加(我们的婚礼),体验欢乐愉快的结婚典礼... ...”

Step 3  Write out the full names of the bride and the groom.
 第3步  写出新郎新娘全名

This is the part of the wedding invitation that everyone generally skips to first - the names. Underneath of the invitation line that ends in "the marriage of their children...", you need to list the names of the children, or the bride and groom. (If you are throwing your own wedding, you will have already listed your names in the invitation line, so this step is not necessary.) The bride's name always appears first







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